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New Study Suggests Southern California Is The Worst Place To Rent An Apartment

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According to Tom Bergman of Business Insider, a new study from Harvard suggests that Southern California is the worst place to rent:

Financials planners usually recommend you devote no more than 30 percent of your income to paying the rent, but more than half of Americans in rentals now spend more than that, an all-time high, according to a new study released Monday by the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University.

Finding affordable apartments is especially tough in Los Angeles, where 52 percent of residents rent, according to the study.” Read more…

Is Hollywood Driving Up Los Angeles’ Rental Market?

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For many aspiring actors, filmmakers, and entertainers, moving to Hollywood is the first step to pursuing their dreams. The glitz and glamor, the beautiful weather, and the endless opportunities have been driving young people seeking entertainment careers to Los Angeles since the Golden Age of Hollywood. City Watch LA has an interesting article on how these newcomers drive up LA rentals even as old timers exit the industry and move away.

Unlike some of the other high-rent cities such as San Fransisco or New York City, Los Angeles apartment rental prices aren’t driven up by demand due to a lack of space. Whereas San Fransisco and Manhattan are hemmed in by water, Los Angeles seems to sprawl endlessly without a rhyme or reason to its planning. Then what is driving LA’s high rental prices? Read the full article here:

Are You A Los Angeles Renter With Credit Issues?

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In a recent “Ask A Landlord” article from Curbed LA, an employed renter with a good job asks how difficult it will be to rent an apartment with a bankruptcy on her credit history:

“I’m an early 30s single female film professional with excellent local references who is currently employed and making a great salary. Only problem is, some financial set-backs due to job loss / going back to school early this year caused my credit rating to tumble and I defaulted on my credit cards and I’m planning to file bankruptcy.

My question for you, dear landlord– would you consider renting to a charming, responsible, employed young person who recently filed bankruptcy?” Read more…

Renting In LA: West Hollywood

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West Hollywood is a great city within the borders of Los Angeles with something for everyone. Whether you like the vintage clothing stores on Melrose, clubbing on Santa Monica Boulevard, seeing live music on the Sunset Strip, or eating at the famous Canter’s Deli on Fairfax, you will find an area of West Hollywood to call home. West Hollywood is a safe area with excellent shops, restaurants, and nightlife. It’s also a convenient commute to Century City, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Hancock Park, and Miracle Mile.

With a Walk Score of 89 and a low crime rate, West Hollywood is a great area to live in if you don’t want to rely on your car too often. You can also find reasonable rent in several neighborhoods of West Hollywood. The average rent is $1,300, which is very reasonable for the area. We own several buildings in West Hollywood. To check availability, visit our available apartments page.

Marina Del Rey Has The Country’s Highest Rent

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According to The Marina Del Rey Patch, rental prices in Marina Del Rey and parts of Santa Monica are the highest in the country. If you’ve read this blog, you saw that rent prices in Los Angeles are already well above pre-recession prices. In fact, the average rent for the areas around Marina Del Rey were $2,690, whereas the average rent for the rest of LA County is $1,688. I can understand the desire to live near the ocean, and Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey are beautiful parts of Los Angeles. However, if you want to still have some money left over after paying rent while still having touches of luxury and charm, check out our available apartments.

Read the full article here:

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