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Prime Hancock Park/Larchmont Village/Museum District-Miracle Mile/Hollywood Hills/Los Feliz Village


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 We welcome all tenants with a good attitude! Please don’t be discouraged by your experience with other property managers and landlords who just don’t care. WE REALLY DO! This is because we LOVE what we do and we are first and foremost PRESERVATIONISTS.

” A restoration is not a renovation… it’s tricky – there’s a fine line between a strict historic restoration and a restoration, and a restoration that respects period details, but makes it practical and appropriate for the way we live today. You respect its integrity but allow it to evolve.

All Pets Welcome

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Responsible Pet Owners Only Please!
“And tenants wonder why they don’t get their deposits back!”


Presidents Lived Here


President Ronald Reagan lived at 1326 Londonderry View Drive in 1930 during his first marriage with Jane Wyman. Noted Washington Post President Reagan named the building Fort Londonderry during the time a second apartment was used as a nursery for his daughter Maureen. Later Reagan again relocated back to the Londonderry View property during the 50’s with second wife, Nancy Reagan.

520 N. Rossmore – The Mauretania, was residence to President John F. Kennedy during the Democratic Convention of 1960.

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Dave Goldstein and Art Deco Apartments being presented with Landmark Award from the Windsor Square Hancock Park Historical Society for their 216 S Mansfield building, built in 1926 by architect Milton Friedman..


On Yelp Reviews: We’ve been doing this for over 31 years. We have 600 tenants and sometimes we have good reviews, and sometimes we have bad reviews – kind of like life. The main thing is you try to do your best and offer something that is superior. Everyone knows artists are temperamental, so if you damage their art, you could have a problem. We just ask that you please not be vulgar or rude in your reviews.

“When I walked into the apartment on Franklin, I immediately felt at home. During the course of my search I have looked at maybe 100 apartments (no exaggeration) and have been for the most part under-whelmed or disappointed with the atmosphere, size or price. The atmosphere at the Claridge felt just right. I feel like Goldilocks who finally found the perfect place to sleep! I love the hardwood floors, creative touches in the kitchen and of course, the beautiful fountain courtyard. I could see myself living in a building like this for a long, long time.”

“Great apartment! The hardwood floors, the wall trimmings, the tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, the design of the front door, and even the closet doors! Your representative confirmed my sense as well as your ideal that the time and consideration that you put into renovating your apartments are reflected in the people that you choose to rent to. Dave, you have re-awoken the passions in me, the ideals that I want to strive for, and for that, I thank you.”

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