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Deco Details

Art Deco Details

From Art Deco Architecture by P. Bayer

Art Deco architecture is a particularly hard concept to define; it refers to a decorative style at once traditional and innovative, which absorbed influences from a variety of sources and movements and introduced a whole range of new or improved materials into the vocabulary of architecture to particular regions, idiosyncratic devices (such as tropical motifs in resort areas) were incorporated into the repertoire.

Private, civic and ephemeral exhibition buildings in the Art Deco style appeared first in France, and foremost, a few years later, in the United States, as well as in a host of countries throughout the world.

The world has turned several times since the Deco era. Tea parties have become impractical, cocktail parties however, remain a good way to bring the Deco spirit home. Start with music – Louis Armstrong – Cole Porter. Stir in some elegant glasses, some vintage clothes – perhaps black and white.

We may not be able to truly live in a deco movie, but we can pretend. A toast to the endurance of elegance!

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