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When I walked into the apartment on Franklin, I immediately felt at home. During the course of my search I have looked at maybe 100 apartments (no exaggeration) and have been for the most part under-whelmed or disappointed with the atmosphere, size or price. The atmosphere at the Claridge felt just right. I feel like Goldilocks who finally found the perfect place to sleep! I love the hardwood floors, creative touches in the kitchen and of course, the beautiful fountain courtyard. I could see myself living in a building like this for a long, long time.

Once upon a time there was a princess in search of a home… She traveled weeks and weeks throughout the city of Hollywood trying to find her perfect abode. One day, during her travels she stumbled upon a beautiful English Tudor building on the lovely, serene street of Sycamore. As she entered the one-bedroom home her heart pattered with excitement… Her search was over… She knew this was home.

For a more thorough description, please look up what I wrote in my review for the “Miracle Mile” listing for Art Deco Apartments. I had both a wonderful and very disappointing experience with my five year rental. I know that sounds schizophrenic. First the positive: Dave is an artist (as am I), so I fully relate and forgive the “ego” comments that other reviewers have written. The buildings are works of art. While many landlords would only polish visible surfaces, Dave’s buildings are as perfect and artistic as an expensive Swiss watch. It is like living in an impeccable artwork. Now the sad part: They not only did not return my deposit, they did not send the required documentation of WHY. I treated my apartment with as much devotion and love as Dave gives it as an owner. Even if I *had* trashed it (which I didn’t), I would still be due an explanation.

As we drove past one of your lovely properties, we simply looked at each other and smiled. Knowing that once again, we are in the right place at the right time. The story of ‘us’ continues to unfold… We met last year and fell in love immediately – we had both known that true love was worth waiting for. And now we’ve been waiting for our ‘true home.’ The fact that my engagement ring is from the 20’s and the location of our wedding is an Art Deco Landmark – makes it clear that we’ve found you for a reason! We love your beautiful buildings in Hancock Park, the artistic signs, even your website and voicemail message have humor, compassion and grace. Thank you!

Great apartment! The hardwood floors, the wall trimmings, the tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, the design of the front door, and even the closet doors! Your representative confirmed my sense as well as your ideal that the time and consideration that you put into renovating your apartments are reflected in the people that you choose to rent to. Dave, you have re-awoken the passions in me, the ideals that I want to strive for, and for that, I thank you.

There is a saying in Italian, which translated means, “Each time a person moves, a little piece of their soul dies.” I truly do believe this, which is why I have been looking throughout Los Angeles for the perfect place to call home, and in your apartments, I sincerely feel I’ve found it.

While looking for an apartment in LA, I fell completely in love with three different apartments and two different leasing agents at Art Deco. They broke my heart. Two hours before we were supposed to sign the lease on our new apartment, we got a *text* saying that the tenant wasn’t going to move out for another month, followed by “Now What!!!!” We knew this was a possibility, so we were heartbroken but willing to figure it out. After all, we also loved two other apartments that they had shown us. I called the leasing agent to talk about taking one of the other two apartments, and also started scouring the internet for one month sublets so we could possibly still get our first choice. She was in the middle of a showing and promised to call me back within the hour. I asked if I should call the owner myself and she said no.

That was three days ago and I haven’t heard back from any of them. We thought we had three amazing apartment choices and instead we had nothing, and two wasted days when we could have been looking at other apartments. Or reading these Yelp reviews, which I didn’t do until just now. That’s my bad. We are going to live at a cookie cutter community apartment building, where what you see is what you get. Nobody asks you your sign, tells you they just want you to be happy first and will figure out a way to work what you love into your budget later, or makes you feel like you just made a friend who is looking out for you.

I have never lived in their apartments, but I can tell you that they are extremely beautiful, that the people that sell them are some of the most charismatic people you’ll ever meet. And I would still tell you to avoid them. This post should come as no surprise to Dave. He knows I’m a Scorpio.

I understand why you want prospective tenants to write an essay, you want to see if they share your passion of ART. For your buildings are masterpieces and only one who knows ART can appreciate, respect and care for it. I believe, through your Art Deco buildings you are finding a society of people like me and making them whole again. You are more than an owner/landlord. You care about people. I know to live in one of your buildings would be the nicest place to live outside of heaven.

I came across your website while looking for an apartment for myself. Sycamore is my favorite street in Los Angeles–and your buildings are amongst the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. As a student, unfortunately nothing you currently have will fit within my $1500 price limit. That said, I still wanted to take the opportunity to thank you, Dave. I came across your ‘philosophy’ section and have not stopped smiling. As someone who has been discriminated against, for my sexuality, at various points in my life, your beautiful words were a beacon of hope. I wish you the absolute best that life has to offer and though I don’t know you, I have the utmost appreciation and respect for you and your beliefs. This wonderful world needs more people like you! Thank you again. Be well.

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