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The Application Process

“Remember, when people are happy where they live, it brings out the
creative side in them and it nourishes their soul. For those of you without
a creative side – we’re interested in nourishing your soul as well!”
— The Art Deco Man – Dave Goldstein

What you’ve read and heard about us is true. You get to create your own rental application. It should tell me something about you and who you are. It could describe your inspirations, or just list your mother’s phone number (I will call her). Your application is very individual—it’s about you, it’s not a generic form and FICA score. It’s NOT an essay, despite what all the press, newspapers, magazines and television people say. Feel free to do whatever you want – that is the fun part. No grades, no judgments, no stress.

If you are serious about renting an apartment from me (Please don’t go looking for an apartment if you’re not going to rent one – go to the museum or the art gallery or just go shopping at the Beverly Center. The Art Deco Society has a tour they can take you on. Why waste everybody’s time?), this is how you do it: you tell the potential landlord, me, a little bit about yourself and your financial situation. You don’t need to be rich, you don’t have to have good credit, you don’t have to have a fantastic job. You just need to tell me about who you are, how you’re going to pay the rent, what animals you’re bringing with you, who else is going to live with you. I will probably ask you your astrological sign and the color of your car, and you may think I’m crazy— but in asking three or four of my key, revealing questions, I can tell if you will be good. Remember, at least I know you will tell the truth about your sign and the color of your car.

If all goes well and the deal is closed, then you sign a lease and pay first, last and one month security. You have your new home. It is not “I have to bring my mother back, my sister, my cousin’s best friend.” Not: “I have to measure four times”, or “I need to bring two of my co-workers to see it.” Not: “I have to rent an apartment for my dining room table, I want to keep my big furniture my whole life, so I have to live in a place I don’t like that will fit it.” Not: “I want a dishwasher, washer/dryer, sundeck, two garages, place for my piano, I need a guestroom, office/spare room and two extra bathrooms…” Not: “Oh, and are you flexible about the rent amount?”

To be realistic is the most important thing. Whittle down or up your list of wants, know what size apartment you want and how much you’re willing to pay – there’s a difference between willing to pay and able to pay.

If you’re interested in renting an exclusive home like one of these, please fax or email us a page about yourself and a page with some financial information. We get many inquiries and with strong persistence and a creative “application,” you can be a tenant in one of our beautiful buildings if you want.

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