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The lesson which life repeats and constantly enforces is ‘look under foot.’
You are always nearer the divine and the true sources of
your power than you think.

–John Burroughs; US Essayist & Naturalist (1837 – 1921)

Renting An Apartment

“If I see one more lousy, torn-up, un-restored, do-it-yourself, cookie-cutter apartment with a gas station bathroom, I will scream — loudly. Every time I go to try to buy one of these buildings, I know what I’m thinking and I can imagine what the renters are thinking. I’m tired of the owners and managers of these buildings without any foresight or appreciation for original details, who ruin the image and style of these ‘golden age’ buildings. I’m tired of these management companies who send repairmen and workers to the apartments, only to butcher and ruin the original distinction. The only way to punish the unscrupulous owners, property managers and so-called ‘on-site’ managers is to NOT ACCEPT these kinds of living conditions.

Can you imagine if they keep their buildings in these kinds of conditions… how they pick their tenants? I can, and I’d run if I was you. I wouldn’t want to park my nice car next to these nuts. I wouldn’t want my friends visiting me at these sterile compounds. If you need to save money, you’d be better off in a Motel 6.

Take my advice – DO NOT MOVE until you get something really good. There aren’t any ‘special’ ‘low-price’ ‘showplace’ apartments out there. There’s just ‘really nice’ and ‘junk’. I repeat, DO NOT MOVE unless you’re going to be happy. I bet those property managers will take your money in a minute, not caring if you’ll be happy or not. Not me. If you’re not happy, I don’t want you.”
– The Art Deco Man, Dave Goldstein

When people first look for a place to live, they have in mind an area, location, price range and other things they think are important. They make up in their minds about what they should have, for what price and where. SORRY… but that is not the way to look for a home. Naturally, if you have money problems (budget), insecurities, lack of knowledge, a big ego and can’t focus on what real living is, there isn’t anything we can do for you. Please do not try to fool yourself or talk yourself into a “non-reality.”

Where you live is one of the most important decisions you will make about your daily life. Please do not pick your home like you pick your cars and clothes — your home is the place in which you relax, rejuvenate and experience the most intense feelings. Your home is where you make the important decisions about your life.

What is it about these old, historical buildings, or the history of the era that interests us? LET’S THINK ABOUT IT. When you see an old restored classic car you look, smile and feel good. It reminds you of days when life was different—simple and, in some ways, easier. Days when deals were made on a handshake…when you could really smell the roses and see the stars and discover new and exciting things.

Living in a unique environment that has ties with history gives you that special feeling. We’ve asked people what that feeling is and have gotten so many different answers. The main one is the feeling that it gives you every day. It’s just like seeing that old car driving down the street that makes you want to smile. It’s like the feeling you get from going to a museum – it’s an inner thing that it brings out in you.

There are other important things related to your home – like who else lives around you? Your surroundings are as important as your personal physical space. Now we have all heard about bad energy, Feng Shui, etc. Your neighbors are important and most of our tenants like their neighbors at these unique properties. Everyone asks how I find them, and it is, naturally, one step at a time, or perhaps they found me.

Our locations— we have picked buildings in areas that have interesting history and are located in special neighborhoods that are like a good book. Each area has so much to say for it and we will teach you about it and explain its uniqueness and individual characteristics while showing you an available home.

A special note to all my potential tenants from the East Coast: many of our properties have doormen and supers. We arrange maid service, plant care, mail pickup, limousine service to and from the airport, and many other services not normally provided on the West Coast. We have learned from you that these amenities are an important part of city life and we are always interested in new ideas that will help us continue to offer one of the most unique and special living experiences in Los Angeles.

On Reverse Discrimination

“If we, citizens, do not support our artists, then we sacrifice our imagination on the
altar of crude reality; and we end up believing in nothing, having worthless dreams.”
— The Art Deco Man – Dave Goldstein

When looking for an apartment way back when, I discovered that every landlord discriminates – oh, not outright, but they do. There is no need to list all of the discriminations, we know the ones. I am not trying to make a bold statement, I am just a man with a mission.

If someone has discriminated against you, I want to rent to you. I want all colors, but especially the ones that are primarily discriminated against. I want all sexualities, but especially the ones that are primarily discriminated against. I want all animals, but especially the ones that are primarily discriminated against.
No current employment, in from out of state, parents pay the rent, trust fund set-up, secretive writer, too-long hair, clothes not right, multiple tattoos, too young, too old, astrological sign Virgo, divorced or just going through a traumatic break-up, clean freak, too-big car, Rhodesian Ridgeback or other pets, speak no English, speak too many languages, don’t speak, have kids, unemployed lawyer, famous celebrity or just want-to-be-famous— I want you.

THEY CAN TAKE ME TO JAIL NOW . . . Black, gay and have a pet—you’re in. We all just want to be accepted for who we are.

On Your Fortune

While we were renting apartments, we noticed how much good fortune, or good luck, or hard work, or just a good attitude in general our tenants began to attract. A starving actor would get a part on a big movie, business folks would get promotions, an assistant would get a job as a lead writer. People would get engaged, get married, expect a baby or acquire smaller things like new furniture or new cars. Overall, I saw tenants with happier lives in general.

We started to think that these old buildings had a special, unique aura and positive energy about them. Now I know, this sounds a little like a fairy tale, but good fortune continued to consistently unfold over such a long period of time, and with so many of our tenants, that it just didn’t seem like a coincidence anymore. Sure, some of our tenants had some problems, but probably 85% of them had great things happen to them while living in our buildings. We thought that maybe it was the fantastic restoration of our old buildings that inspired our tenants and made them happy and brought good fortune. Because if you’re happy, you do better in life and things go more smoothly for you — that’s the formula for feeling good.

No matter what the reason is for our tenants’ good fortune, living in a place that inspires you affects your personal life, your work and your day-to-day activities. A confident and happy person is a great addition to the building and neighborhood and community in general.

If you’re reading this and you feel nothing, then you probably will not be inspired by the special feelings that these character buildings will elicit, and a newer, cookie-cutter building— built in the 80’s or 90’s— would likely be fine for you. But if you are the first one at dinner to break open the fortune cookie, or in fact always save the fortune, or write down inspirational things as a reminder to yourself, or practice or consider practicing yoga, or constantly ponder what real life is about, or enjoy travel to experience how others live in the world, or have educated yourself and gained an understanding of the life you want for you . . . then I think, actually I know, you are someone who will definitely seek, appreciate and enjoy the character, the charm, and the originality of our finely restored old and unique buildings.

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