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Are You A Los Angeles Renter With Credit Issues?

December 4, 2013
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In a recent “Ask A Landlord” article from Curbed LA, an employed renter with a good job asks how difficult it will be to rent an apartment with a bankruptcy on her credit history:

“I’m an early 30s single female film professional with excellent local references who is currently employed and making a great salary. Only problem is, some financial set-backs due to job loss / going back to school early this year caused my credit rating to tumble and I defaulted on my credit cards and I’m planning to file bankruptcy.

My question for you, dear landlord– would you consider renting to a charming, responsible, employed young person who recently filed bankruptcy?”

The author of the article responds as many other landlords would, he says he wouldn’t rent to anyone who declared bankruptcy. That’s his rule, and he’s sticking by it. Luckily for you, potential Los Angeles renter, Art Deco Apartments doesn’t do credit checks.

Our buildings aren’t cookie-cutter buildings, and we understand if our renters deviate a little bit from the generally-considered ideal renter. We look for renters who have been discriminated against or had other issues in renting an apartment that would otherwise be excellent tenants.

When looking for an apartment way back when, I discovered that every landlord discriminates – oh, not outright, but they do. There is no need to list all of the types of discrimination, we know them. If someone has discriminated against you, I want to rent to you. I want all colors, but especially the ones that are primarily discriminated against. I want all sexualities, but especially the ones that are primarily discriminated against. I want all animals, but especially the ones that are primarily discriminated against.

No current employment, in from out of state, parents pay the rent, trust fund set-up, secretive writer, too-long hair, clothes not right, multiple tattoos, too young, too old, astrological sign Virgo, divorced or just going through a traumatic break-up, clean freak, too-big car, Rhodesian Ridgeback or other pets, speak no English, speak too many languages, don’t speak, have kids, unemployed lawyer, famous celebrity or just want-to-be-famous— I want you.

When you sign your lease, you agree to pay the rent every month, I don’t need to check your credit if I’ve interviewed you and know you’ll be a good tenant. The charm and craftsmanship of our apartments often attracts artists and entertainment industry types because one’s home should be inspiring and revitalizing. I look for tenants that will be considerate neighbors and tenants that will take care of the apartments and appreciate the fine craftsmanship that went into creating all of the Art Deco flourishes.

So if you’re an LA renter looking for an apartment for rent in Hancock Park, Los Feliz, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Miracle Mile, or Mid-City, check out our available apartments, and give us a call.

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