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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do to stop landlord discrimination?
We try to reverse discriminate: we want tenants of all shades and beliefs.

Do you accept pets?
YES! We love pets, but only with good owners. People who take care of their pets and know how to manage their pets make good tenants and neighbors in our buildings.

What if my credit has some bad marks?
That’s Okay. Some people with good credit go bad; some people with bad credit become good!

What if I have no credit at all?
It’s okay. Start with us!

I’m an actor, in between jobs. But I used to work!
That’s alright, you’ll work again. My apartments are good luck! You WILL work soon.

I’m from out-of-town, and I don’t have any local references.
We have rented to many people from out-of-state. We just want a tenant with a good state of mind and a good attitude.

Do you have a parking spot for my car that I love?
Yes, most of the time.

What types of tenants are you looking for?
Good people with good hearts. Hopefully, creative and caring.

Do I have to be an artist or in the “industry?”
No, we take many different types, but it doesn’t hurt to have a little talent!

Do I have to write a creative essay?
NO, it’s your application…write what you want!

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