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Los Angelenos Will Actually Use Public Transportation When Available

December 16, 2013
LA Metro, Los Angeles public transportation

According to a recent USC study, Los Angelenos are actually using public transportation. While the trains are packed during rush hour, I, like many of you, have had the experience of waiting for a train during non-rush hour times and I’ve been one of the only people on the platform. However, this trend seems to be changing. Via LAist, here are some of the key findings:

  • Households who lived less than a half mile from a station traveled 10-12 fewer miles in their cars after the station opened compared to the control group
  • Households near a Metro stop had 30% less vehicle CO2 emissions than the control group
  • The habits of some very inactive people changed when the Expo Line opened: 40% of the least active people increased their daily physical activity by an average of 8-10 minutes a day. However, active people became less active.
  • The biggest increases in ridership were near stations with fewer lanes and more bus lines
  • Los Angeles’ Metro lines will be longer than DC’s if all goes as planned by 2020

Overall ridership has been increasing, and August was the best month for ridership on the Metro. KPCC reports that there were 27,000 weekday boardings that month compared to 22,000 the year before.

If you’re looking to rent in Los Angeles for the first time, or you’re just looking for a new apartment in L.A. and you don’t want to rely on your car, I would suggest looking for a place near one of the subway or light rail hubs. Many places in The Valley, Hollywood, Koreatown, Hancock Park, Mid-City, and now, Culver City, are very convenient to the rail system. Los Angeles’ subway system may not yet be on par with many other big cities, but it will only grow if you start riding. So become a part of the trend, and discover L.A.’s subways for yourself.

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