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If you live in Hollywood now, or have come to Los Angeles looking for a place to live, I am sure you have been discouraged by your encounter. In recent years, the entertainment industry executives writers, actors, producers, attorney’s and others who want more than just hardwood floors from their apartments, have discovered there is a European feel, right here in Hollywood. They have discovered Dave Goldstein. Or, as they have named him, The Art Deco man. Where are these buildings? Sycamore Avenue, Sunset Plaza, Beachwood Canyon, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Hancock Park. They are from the late 1920’s and 1930’s. Styles range from Italian Villas, French Normandy, English Tudor, Mediterranean, New Orleans, and of course, late 1930’s modern – the Art Deco. What makes these restorations different? You will have to see them and decide for yourself. But the entertainment industry wants them, and they line up get in. Dave has been keeping waiting lists recently, but with persistence and good timing, you might just sneak in. .

What makes things different?? He loves to fix up the buildings! That’s right. A landlord who likes to spend money. Also, you get to make up your own rental application. That’s right. You write the script. And if the script is good, well you know what happens. The tenants appreciate all the time and effort that goes into the restorations. .

Some of the things the buildings are known for are: the Art Deco kitchens and bathrooms, high ceilings, French bay windows, antique lighting, wood carved fire places and beams, spectacular wrought iron, and wood floors. These apartments range from New York style studios and one bedrooms, to 2,500 square foot penthouses overlooking the city. But one of the things Dave is most proud of, are his tenants. He says the better the buildings are, the better the tenants that want to live there are. Can you imagine neighbors you like all around you? People that take pride in where they live. .

Here is a quote by a prospective tenant, “I am very exited about living in one your buildings. One of the aspects of Los Angeles that has always disappointed me is the architectural incongruity of many of it’s neighborhoods, and the haste with which the city tears down some of its real treasures. Driving down Sycamore yesterday simply made me happy. It is a gorgeous tribute to what I consider the “golden age” of Los Angeles, I would be honored to live in one of your buildings and cannot over emphasize the care and respect with which I would treat my environment.” .

Another quote: “I moved to L.A. from Manhattan, Grimace to be promise, which’ brings the Mary Tyler Moore period of my life. ‘YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE IT AFTER ALL.’ I came to see the apartment on Sycamore, and fell in love. It is everything I need to become myself. It is charming, and full of architectural folly. Something I feared L.A. was without.” Here in Hollywood we can understand when somebody loves what they do, and does it well. It makes a difference. That is what we do. And we know it makes a difference.

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